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Verre églomisé technical information

Verre églomisé glass

Glass thickness

In most instances we create our verre églomisé using 6mm thick glass with polished edges. The build-up of gold leaf and polychromes that we use most often is almost imperceptible and will not affect the overall thickness of the glass. Certain designs may include materials that can add to this build-up. Please ask us for more details if this affects your installation.

Glass panel sizes

On the whole it is possible for us to work on glass panel sizes up to 1200 x 2400 mm, however this will depend on the particular design and techniques used and will be discussed during the Design Phase. Once handling weight, shipping and installation methods are taken into account, using larger glass sizes is not usually considered the best option. We usually recommend very large works are produced as a series of panels. 

“Toughened glass is a safety glass that has undergone processes of controlled thermal treatment to increase its strength. Also known as 'tempered glass', toughened glass is made from annealed glass that has been heated to approximately 650⁰C and then rapidly cooled, making it four times stronger than the ordinary glass.”
Saint Gobain

Glass processing

We usually work with toughened glass. Due to the heating and cooling process that is undertaken, toughened glass cannot be re-sized, drilled etc. 

Processing such as bevels, cut outs, laminating and shaping of the glass are all available if specified during the Design Phase and agreed upon prior to the Production Phase commencing. 

Glass dimensions, cutting

Standard glass cutting tolerance is ±2mm, in line with the UK’s Glass and Glazing Federation standards. However if you require more accurate sizes than this, please let us know. 

To ensure correct fitting, we ask you to provide CAD files or accurate templates cut from MDF or plywood. We do not accept paper templates.

Glass templating

If you are providing a physical template, please shape and size the board exactly as you would like the glass to fit. The templates are scanned accurately on a large flatbed scanner and the glass will be cut accordingly. For all ovals, and any shape composed of complex curves, a physical template is always required. 

Verre églomisé framing and installation

Our verre églomisé pieces are hand made artworks created on the reverse side of glass and therefore great thought must be taken when considering the fixing methods for the panels.

Most pieces must be mechanically fixed either by a frame, clips, bolts or other such physical fastener, and cannot be mounted by adhesive. Peascod will not guarantee the bond between the artwork and the glass if adhesive is used when an alternative method is advised. As always, if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

However when properly installed, gilded glass is incredibly durable - examples of verre églomisé dating back to Roman times are still intact today!

Peascod does not provide framing nor installation for verre églomisé, but we are happy to discuss options and liaise with your joiners, metalworkers and installers.