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Placing an order

All our work is hand made to order in our Somerset studios. Discussing an order can start from a design that we have created before, or be something entirely new.

There are three routes to commission work from Peascod:

Select from our Collections

Choosing from our Current Collections will be the most time and cost efficient method of ordering.

To initiate your order, you will need to confirm some details via our Collection Specification Sheet.

We will need to receive some key information such as including procuring party’s details, design name and code, dimensions and quantities required, agreement to the current production duration, plus receipt of 50% deposit of the production fee. Once these are in place, the Production Phase can be booked in. See more about Phases below.

Please enquire to see our current Collections.

Select from our Customisable Collections

We have a selection of customisable designs that can be tailored to suit a specific space.

To produce a Customisable Design, we ​arrange our work into

  1. 1
    a Design Phase and
  2. 2
    a Production Phase

See more about Phases below.

Please enquire to see the selection of our Customisable Designs.

Commission a Fully Bespoke Piece

Commissioning a Fully Bespoke Piece is an exciting and collaborative process. Starting with inspiration taken from some of our previous work or perhaps another jumping off point, we will work together with you and your client to create something truly unique. Our decades of expertise in working with materials in the studio means that we will be able to guide you through the design process.

To Commission a Fully Bespoke Piece, we ​arrange our work into a

  1. 1
    a Design Phase and
  2. 2
    a Production Phase

See more about Phases below.


Design Phase

During the Design Phase we work on creating a full specification of the piece. Work during this phase may include site visits, liaising with installers, architects, engineers etc, as well as producing composition sketches, colour and texture prototypes.

This phase typically takes between 4-12 weeks.

Production Phase

Once the Design Phase is complete, and all elements have been agreed via our Specification Sheet, we are able to produce a quote and advise on current lead times.

We are a small artisan studio and use only carefully selected suppliers and craftspeople to produce our works. Therefore production lead times will be affected by project commitments by all involved at the time of ordering. Please enquire what the lead times are likely to be as this frequently changes.

Once agreed, the Production Phase is scheduled in.

This phase typically takes 12-24 weeks.

Next Steps

Get in touch with details of your project

Get in touch with us on or (+44) 01749 326 148 to set up a meeting.

Useful information to share with us

If you are not the end client, who else will we be a decision maker on the project with and who will we be contracted by?

Site location
What is the geographic location of the site?

Approximately when is this required?

Site & Dimensions
Outline of the type and size of the space where the piece will be installed, and approximate overall dimensions of the work to be made.

Third Parties
Who would we be working with; e.g. interior designers, architects, main contractors, joiners, installers, lighting designers, decorative painters, etc.

Wider project
Will there be any other building or decorating work taking place on site?

Which particular aspects of our previous work inspired you to get in touch and what similar features would you like to see in this commission? This may include colour, pattern, visual theme, material, reflectivity, opacity etc. Provide images, colour palette or other inspiration as a jumping off point.