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Bas relief technical information

Bas relief and work created on site

We typically create our bas relief pieces using plaster, cementitious based, bronze and other metals.

Depending on the design and the final location of the piece, we may apply bas relief directly onto the wall on site. 

Alternatively we may send out the bas relief on a panel or series of panels. Options will be explored and agreed upon during the Design Phase.

Bas relief installation

If we are applying the bas relief directly on to the wall on site, we will require the wall to be prepared to a suitable standard. We will conduct a site visit prior to commencing our work to confirm that the area is ready to be worked on.

Site must have time scheduled for us to work within a clean and calm environment during working hours.

Peascod does not provide framing nor installation for panelled work, but we are happy to discuss options and liaise with your joiners, metalworkers and installers.

About Jesmonite 

Jesmonite is a non-solvent based, environmentally-conscious sculpting material produced by low energy manufacturing processes.  

The material is solvent free and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), a key feature to working with this inert material and bringing sculptural pieces into an interior. 

It is a strong durable material which can take exceptional detail that feels heavy, matt and cool, akin to stone or plaster. 

Depending on the sculpting design, we may be able to produce bas relief pieces with a fire resistant Jesmonite material.